At Wayne Pediatrics we are advocates on behalf of Metropolitan Detroit's children. We work in collaboration to address social determinants of health so that children have equal opportunity to be healthy, ready to learn and achieve their fullest potential.



Children’s Health Collaborative 

All children should have an equal opportunity to be healthy, ready to learn and achieve their full potential. Furthermore, a child's ZIP code should not be the determining factor for future health or well-being. Because pediatricians are, primarily, advocates for children, Wayne Pediatrics has launched the  Children's Health Collaborative (CHC) in collaboration with Wayne State University.   

The CHC is an initiative focused on the lifespan development of children living in urban communities while addressing social determinants of health to foster improved individual, family, and community health. The collaborative is undergirded by a  network of community partners and Wayne State University schools and colleges with experts focused on social determinants of health.   

Social determinants of health – which often rooted in poverty – are the economic and social conditions that increase risk of poor health outcomes, not only in children but also in adults. These social and economic conditions include access to quality housing; food insecurity; quality education; transportation; unemployment; and accessible health care. These are complex issues and Wayne Pediatrics in partnership with Wayne State University intends to tackle and address these concerns.   

Wayne Pediatrics envisions a healthier future for metropolitan Detroit children and families by providing  comprehensive, community-based primary and specialty pediatric care, medical education and training, and community- and population-based research, and helping more children achieve their fullest potential.    

Horizons Project

HIV Prevention and Treatment

The Horizons Project, part of Wayne Pediatrics, offers HIV/STD prevention and treatment for those ages 0-25. Clinic care includes the following:

  • Perinatal and Infant Exposure to maternal HIV
  • Infants, children, adolescent HIV care and management
  • Young adult HIV care and management (up to 25 years)
  • Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for sexual assault and exposure victims
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV

Clinic Phone Number
(313) 448-9600

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(313) 448-9978

24 Hour Number
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