Urban Children's Health Collective

In conjunction with Wayne Pediatrics, Wayne State University is also launching the Urban Children's Health Collaborative. The UCHC is a community-based initiative with a focus on the urban child and lifespan development that will foster improved individual, family, and community health.

Social determinants of health – which often are rooted in poverty – are known to increase the risk of poor health outcomes, not only in children but also in adults. Social determinants of health include access to quality housing, food insecurity, quality education, transportation, unemployment, and accessible health care. These complex and overlapping issues are responsible for most health disparities, and we intend to tackle them head-on.

The community is fortunate that Wayne State has 13 schools and colleges with experts in these areas. The university also has strong community partners excited to make a difference and partner on this initiative.

Our vision is for a healthier future for metropolitan Detroit's children and families through holistic, community-based primary and specialty pediatric care, medical education and training, and community- and population-based research.

Detroit has the largest big-city poverty rate in the country for children aged 5 and younger. All children in Detroit should have an equal opportunity to be healthy, ready to learn, and to achieve their full potential. A child's ZIP code should not be the determining factor for future health or well-being. Pediatricians are, first and foremost, advocates for all children.

This new initiative will enable Wayne Pediatrics faculty physicians to help many more children achieve their fullest potential. The UCHC, working in collaboration with Detroit's myriad child- and family-focused organizations, will ultimately help to improve the lives of children and families in our community.

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